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Sizzle Reel

Sizzle Reel

Brett Malden Demo Reel 2010-2011 v4. As Executive Creative Director | Executive Producer and Global Lead for Integrated Production Team at SapientNitro and Freelance.

This is a version of my Demo Reel with an alternate music track I helped compose, score and arrange with Scott Linnen, Creative Director and Beacon Street Studios for the Chrysler client called ‘Soul Mix 90’. Edited by Andres Ripoll.

Featured Clients include: 1.) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2.) Rolling Stones Magazine 3.) Mars: Dove Me Moments, Snickers Bar Hunger, Twix, M&M’s Vote 4.) Powerade 5.) Coke (Happiness Factory, Coke Vending Machine) 6.) Foot Locker (Nike iPhone App, Sneakerpedia) 7.) Chrysler-Jeep, (Jeep Wrangler Activision Call of Duty Black Ops Edition and Jeep Grand Cherokee), Chrysler (BEV + spots), Chrysler 200, Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Durango-Citadel, Ram, Fiat BEV 8.) Celebrity Cruises 9.) Dr. Dre + Snoop “Kush” music video featuring Dodge Durango-Citadel 10.) Cornetto Ice Cream 11.) Healthy Choice 12.) Toyota Highlander 13.) Travelers Insurance 14.) Target

Marketing 101

The Marketing World according to Brett (yep, another Brettism)

Advertising in the Digital Age: Part 1

I am a lifetime student and general practitioner of the equal parts art/equal parts science of advertising and my diagnosis is that advertising is in a state of flux-transition-change.

Coke FIFA 2010 Longest Goal Celebration

Coke FIFA 2010 Longest Goal Celebration

Coke celebrated the countdown to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ by encouraging people around the world to take part in the longest-ever online goal celebration. “The Longest Goal Celebration” competition offered fans the opportunity to win a range of prizes, including tickets to 2010 FIFA World Cup matches.

“The Longest Goal Celebration” was an online extension of the global marketing campaign by Coca-Cola that included traditional advertising featuring the iconic goal celebration by Roger Milla, the African footballer whose corner flag dance at the 1990 FIFA World Cup encouraged a new generation of football moves. This digital campaign invited fans to film and upload their own goal celebrations to or (links that are no longer live).

Friendly’s: Microsite

Friendly's: Microsite

Friendly’s Ice Cream Company wanted to launch a dynamic website with interactive games and activities targeting children ages 6-12. The goal was to introduce this specific audience to the Friendly’s brand by immersing them into a “Friendly” virtual environment, engaging them with the complete Friendly’s product matrix interactively and then converting them into brand ambassadors.