Advertising in the Digital Age: Part 1

I am a lifetime student and general practitioner of the equal parts art/equal parts science of advertising and my diagnosis is that advertising is in a state of flux-transition-change. The methods and processes, styles and tactics of yesterday no longer apply. It’s a brand new world-literally-and the leadership teams within these agencies that get it and understand the new rules of engagement will adapt and make the necessary adjustments to stay current and will continue to produce and deliver compelling, relevant work that connects with the desired targets and drives favorable results for their clients. Those that don’t will die a slow and painful death. While the Leo’s, DDB’s, BBDO’s, JWT’s, Ogilvy’s and Grey’s of the world are scrambling and consolidating, the Common’s, Goodness’s, Co.’s, Big Fuel’s, Blitz’s, ZAAZ’s, Exopolis’s, Ignited’s and Victors and Spoils of the world are solid and expanding so the proverbial writing is on the wall.

My vision regarding the future of advertising is a bit aggressive-even revolutionary-because the theory of natural progression (not to be confused with Darwin’s theory of natural selection) or letting things evolve organically, will simply take too long leaving a lot of the mega legacy brands mentioned above in the dust by the time they actually right the ship and are able to turn the corner. Since time is of the essence and every minute counts, true to my roots, it’s GO TIME to make things happen for agencies big, small and everything in between whether that’s a major overhaul or a simple tune up and I plan on playing a major role in this industry-wide transformation and makeover.

The recipe for success is certainly not to scrap everything of the past and start fresh with a clean slate but to thoroughly research and evaluate what’s broken and what’s not, study who is failing, who is winning and why and then connect the dots with a new strategy and a revised/streamlined infrastructure under a re-engineered leadership team that is aware, connected and immersed in what’s happening outside their four walls with a global sensibility and that furthermore has a crystal clear vision of the future with the horsepower to get there. Once a new course is charted and staffed appropriately, the final cog in the wheel of fortune would be to realign with the clients that share their vision and that will partner with them and their teams to assist the agency in attaining/exceeding goal. Then it’s all about execution.

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