Marketing 101

The Marketing World according to Brett (yep, another Brettism)::

NOTE: Without sounding condescending, even the most accomplished CMO’s and Marketing VP’s for the world’s most established brands have a misunderstanding about the most basic terms in marketing communications. Therefore, it has been my experience that success starts with the fundamentals and a solid foundation so a common definition of terms is essential to making sure we are all on the same page and that there is a mutual understanding of how all the individual cogs in the marketing communications/client experience wheel are essential to that wheel rolling smoothly.

1.) It all starts with the Brand [company’s net worth: IP, product + service portfolio and marketing mix]-the brand essence/visual language and message
2.) Move into the Marketing cloud [P+L] that encompasses the strategy and plan that will deliver the brand to the target audience (“let it rain on down on the consumer”)
3.) Advertising [expense] and the arsenal-the war chest if you will-of tools and tactics that will provide the method of reaching the target audience
4.) Sales [income/revenue] are the Marines/first responders that get the marketing orders supported by advertising (air cover) delivered through various media channels that makes contact with the “enemy” (in this case the client/lol) and actually converts all the investment in marketing (advertising + media) and marketing strategies of the respective brand into dollars/revenue. So, if advertising is the METHOD of reaching the target audience, Sales is the MEANS.
5.) Media [expense] is the vehicle (traditional print/OOH/TV to non-traditional word of mouth/buzz/viral and new media-trans/digital/social/mobile) of delivering the message to the audience
6.) Online [the internet] is the global information super highway of connectivity and communication in real time and in the moment
7.) New Media [all forms of digital media] including online, trans, social and mobile

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