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The Best Of Cannes 2011

You gotta check out this 100+ slide presentation documenting the seminar highlights by day of what went down of substance at Cannes 2011. Brilliant summary. Thanks @Jessdee.

Some Insights on Branding from Cannes 2011

Check out who said what at Cannes 2011 regarding building brands in the digital age of on-demand mobile consummerism.

Marketing 101

The Marketing World according to Brett (yep, another Brettism)

It’s a Brand New World! New Creative Prototype

Out with the old and in with the new-here is what the profile of a creative lead looks like in the new world order. Welcome to the 21st Century people!

IKO Cruise Lines

IKO Cruise Lines

IKO was a new multi-day cruise line planned to launch from the Port of Palm Beach in the Fall of 2009. Despite FRANK. winning the business, the company has yet to secure the required funding to commence operations.

UNO | U-R Magnetic Jewelry

UNO | U-R Magnetic Jewelry

The latest edition to the lifestyle brand portfolio of D-Lab built around the award-winning, critically acclaimed, international design icon “Luis Pons,” I am part of the product innovation and marketing team that will bring this incredibly unique forward-thinking concept to life worldwide.