Sizzle Reel

Brett Malden Demo Reel 2010-2011 v4. As Executive Creative Director | Executive Producer and Global Lead for Integrated Production Team at SapientNitro and Freelance.

This is a version of my Demo Reel with an alternate music track I helped compose, score and arrange with Scott Linnen, Creative Director and Beacon Street Studios for the Chrysler client called ‘Soul Mix 90’. Edited by Andres Ripoll.

Featured Clients include: 1.) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2.) Rolling Stones Magazine 3.) Mars: Dove Me Moments, Snickers Bar Hunger, Twix, M&M’s Vote 4.) Powerade 5.) Coke (Happiness Factory, Coke Vending Machine) 6.) Foot Locker (Nike iPhone App, Sneakerpedia) 7.) Chrysler-Jeep, (Jeep Wrangler Activision Call of Duty Black Ops Edition and Jeep Grand Cherokee), Chrysler (BEV + spots), Chrysler 200, Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Durango-Citadel, Ram, Fiat BEV 8.) Celebrity Cruises 9.) Dr. Dre + Snoop “Kush” music video featuring Dodge Durango-Citadel 10.) Cornetto Ice Cream 11.) Healthy Choice 12.) Toyota Highlander 13.) Travelers Insurance 14.) Target

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