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Nothing Common about Common

He’s at it again. Never to be the one to say “I’m done,” arguably the world’s most famous ad man, Alex Bogusky, is back and ‘Stirrin It Up’ in Boulder with a revolutionary concept for business that turns conventional thinking on its head. As if he didn’t accomplish enough in one lifetime that mere mortals could only aspire to in 10, the dude’s brain is so super switched-on, he only has one gear-overdrive-and that adrenalin fueled freakishness has birthed something incredibly innovative and uncommonly Common.

Unique Perspectives from Miles Nadal at MDC

Advertising M+A darling Miles Nadal, founder and CEO of MDC Partners, provides a bird’s eye view from the ivory tower on how to build a winning agency model for today and a sustainable model for the future. In short, it all starts with the agency vibe + culture and we can expect more of the Silicon Valley “run and gun” startup ethic infiltrating the buttoned-up (and buttoned-down) ranks of Madison Avenue. Look at it as the evolution from Mad Men to Rad Men. Like cool man.