It’s a Brand New World! New Creative Prototype

The stereotypical CD profile is dead.

The spiky-haired free spirit complete with the uber-chic specs, limited-edition kicks and the ‘Piggly Wiggly’ shirt that rides around on a unicycle during client visits and of course whose favorite color and cause are all things “green and clean” might still be on staff but not necessarily the creative lead just because he or she looks, talks and acts the part.

No-much more client facing, business-minded and revenue aware, the Creative Director of new is far different from the legacy CD of old and no longer cut from the traditionally exclusive fabric of writers and graphic designers (although vital components of every creative team).

But instead, much more well rounded: dynamic personalities and skill sets; diversified; eclectic; culturally aware and relevant; business + management-oriented; marketing and communications savvy; and technologists at heart.

So the agency world is calling on the quintessential renaissance person:: writer; illustrator; engineer; industrial/product designer; anthropologist; marketeer; influencer; tastemaker; entrepreneur; businessman; student and teacher.

Hmm…sounds just like somebody I know pretty darn well.

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