Fiat’s ‘Simply More’ is Simply Less Than Expected

Fiat 500’s breaking ‘Simply More’ North American campaign has me wanting more. More substance. More tension. More talk value. More controversy. More meat. Speaking of meat-where’s the beef any way? I mean can you say safe-pedestrian-B.O.R.I.N.G.? After exiting stage left and distancing your brand from the largest consumer market in the world over 28 years ago (circa 1983), the best you can do to make a memorable splash down after re-entry into the U.S. is simply more? More like a crash landing if you ask me.

Maybe I am the only dude on the planet that just doesn’t get how a concept so simply base actually got the green light. True, I might be just a tad bit miffed too-scorned that while I was at SapientNitro (where we actually had the client’s ear when they were searching for an AOR to handle their North American business) we were unable to sell through and close the deal on some truly brilliant, cutting edge, ground breaking work (with a much deserved “Bravo!” to the serious creative chops and supernatural insights of Scott Linnen and his exceptionally talented team of art directors, copywriters, designers and freelancers including the likes of Ryan Kutscher and Bill Whelan).

But don’t take my word for it-or whining in this case maybe. Daryl Lang wrote an article that sympathizes with my point of view calling the early work “unsatisfying” and “not memorable” referring to the tagline simply more as “ho hum.” Thanks Daryl-could not agree with you more. You can take a deeper dive and get a more detailed (and unbiased) break down of his analysis at Breaking Copy.

One satisfying note is that our work was obviously good enough to have the visual language, brand identity and some nifty tools and tactics that we pitched actually get “infused” into their latest marketing communications; both above and below the line. I guess I will just have to hold on to the adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am still however disappointed and left wanting more from a campaign message that is simply less than what I expected for a truly impressive automobile and iconic Italian automaker with a much bigger story to tell. Passione dare I say? Così è la vita. Ciao!

Get Ready (Teaser for Fiat 500):

“Get Ready” by Fiat USA introducing the all new Fiat 500:
Client: Fiat USA
Brand Lead: Laura Soave
CCO: Olivier Francois
AOR: Impatto
Production Company: Motion Theory
Director: Mark Kudsi

iPad App featuring the Fiat 500’s design diversity and unlimited options as the hero and Vivaldi’s Concerto in D Major as the compelling villain:

Drive In (Spot #1 for new “Simply More” Campaign):

Here is the straight skinny regarding the Fiat 500 marketing launch from the Chrysler-Fiat USA PR Machine:

Fiat is launching a new marketing and advertising campaign in North America, the first since its return to this market earlier this year. The campaign combines broadcast, print, digital and experiential initiatives and will be focused in Fiat’s key markets together with complementary national advertising efforts. The introduction of a new tagline, Simply More, sets the tone for the campaign. Fiat’s first North American national television commercial, Drive-in, is airing this week on national and cable networks.

“Simply More” (campaign + tagline):
Fiat’s new tagline, Simply More, aims to define the Fiat 500 as everything you need and nothing you don’t. It represents the notion that the simple things in life are treasures, alongside the thought that the richness and fullness of a life well-lived is defined by one’s view of self-expression.

“Drive In” (1st TV spot):
The advertising campaign kicks off with its first broadcast commercial, titled Drive-in, which debuts on national and cable networks today and features Jailhouse Rock, a song made famous by Elvis Presley. The song was an instant classic and inspired a generation; it was released in 1957, the same year as the introduction of the Fiat 500 in Europe. The 30-second television commercial is a perfect juxtaposition of brand heritage and today’s Fiat 500. Drive-in aims to introduce the concept of how compact vehicles can be strong, beautiful and simple. Additional spots focusing on the vehicle features and capabilities will begin airing later this quarter.

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