No Creative Mind Left Behind

No Right Brain Left Behind is described as a “speed innovation challenge,” whereby teams from a myriad of creative industries have 5 days to concept ideas. On the last day of the week, ideas are submitted virtually to the NRBLB website where an impressive “who’s who in the creative community” panel of judges pick 3 winning ideas that are then featured by the group’s participating media partners. And since this is the inaugural event, the best ideas will then be piloted in 2011 and 2012. If successful, this will become an annual competition.

We are all familiar with the phrase “creative financing” (and Lord knows our nation’s congress could use a double dose of that in the next few days to avoid a default by none other than the U.S. Treasury-YIKES!), this group of creative evangelists have taken that concept one step further by advocating how the power of an idea can transcend wars, politics and races in addition to economies. They hope that this collaboration will demonstrate the ability of our leading creative minds to step up to the challenges where conventional thinking fails.

In their words, it’s not about creating more artistes. It’s about empowering students with some very basic and primary tools and tactics to help solve 21st century problems. Understanding that creativity is a key component in that effort that can no longer be ignored is what this cause is all about and I am all about that! Bravo and much success with this noble endeavor.

See more below from a presentation by Viktor Venson (Creative Director at StoppLA and co-founder of NRBLB
along with Frank Striefler, Head of Strategy at 180LA) at the TEDxAtlanta Conference in March 2011 where the winners are announced (BBDO, Redscout, Team One and Draft FCB).

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