Nothing Common about Common

When Alex sent MDC Partners chairman Miles Nidal the “thanks but no thanks-cash me out now please” memo just a few months ago, I thought he was going to ride off into the sunset on some bad-ass custom Husaberg FE570S (with all the latest Bell gear of course). Far from running for the hills (or in this case the Colorado Rockies) and not to disappoint, Bogusky not only reinvents himself but also the “art” of marketing as we know it in the process. Talk about a swan song. Check out this super clean, brilliantly simplistic, cynically smart and ultra sexy new branding model for an idea-driven, globally interconnected, smart phone savvy community of capitalists otherwise known as the“New Industrialists”. Collaboration? You bet ya-with a cherry on top. Now why didn’t I think of that? Oh, that’s right-SNAP-cause I’m not GOD!

Masterful presentation by Ari Kuschnir and team at m ss ng p eces. The production style fits the content like a hand in glove.

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