Celebrity Cruises

At SapientNitro, my team and I did a series of branded entertainment films for Celebrity Cruises, The Starring You Network-“Behind the Curtain”. In “Threading the Needle”, the first episode, Captain Dimitris Kafetzis takes us through the Panama Canal. The Second Episode “Cork” was all about the art and science of wine tasting and food pairing. In “On the Brink of Creation”, the third episode, we explored the volcanos and waterfalls of Costa Rica. These films were quite innovative in the cruising industry as they are mini-documentaries (infotainment if you will) in contrast to the typical promotional cruise video.

“Boutique Cruising” :30 second TV Spot in support of the ‘Designed For You’ campaign. Also repurposed for digital applications including rich media banners, online display ads and as general content for the brand website. See more at “Celebrity.” Music by Dj Dimitri from Paris.

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