ProBout Boxing League

They say that timing is everything in business and the time could not be more perfect for a rogue, passionate and courageous visionary to emerge on the scene with the noble cause of preserving the one part art form-one part sport of professional boxing. The goal is to restore this tired and dated pastime to the same status of success, fame and fortune now being enjoyed by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) led by Dana White and his entourage at the UFC-arguably traditional boxing’s heir apparent and de facto replacement. New and improved; re-engineered and repackaged from the ground up-introducing the ProBout Boxing League (PBL). We are assisting executive management in creating their brand identity, identifying, targeting and positioning them within the sweet spot that exists between an archaic (and arguably tainted and corrupt) WBA/WBF organization of yesterday and the foot to the floor all guns blazing, glitz, glam and glory of the organizations that promote MMA by creating a full 360 end-to-end communications solution that can compete in the fiercely competitive niche market of “combat sports.”

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