L’Chaim Vodka


The liquor/spirit business is fiercely competitive:: 1.) many players; 2.) big ad budgets; 3.) limited shelf space controlled by a handful of major distributors and retailers; 4.) huge barriers to entry in terms of startup costs and operational capital; and 5.) an endless amount of choices in each market segment (beer/wine/liquor and within liquor-whiskey bourbon, gin, rum, vodka’s, etc.). In fact, it is so competitive that there is relative parity in terms of quality and taste in each of the major pricing categories. Furthermore, if the international community had its way, the ability to advertise and promote alcoholic beverages would be as restricted as the tobacco industry. This all equates to a high risk investment. So in conclusion, CREATIVITY is king and in order to stand out and get recognized quickly on a shoestring marketing budget the investment hedge beyond the product itself is all in the brand/marketing message/and talk value. Image is EVERYTHING.

The current L’Chaim website is temporary and strictly a placeholder developed as a selling tool to present the product to distributors. At the moment it is only designed to present the first of many products, beginning with vodka, along with a single high-level branding message that celebrates inclusivity + unity.

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