Dodge DAOR Work

Here is a full 360 user engagement model and a select group of digital content I was part of creating and producing for the Dodge brand and the Chrysler Corporation at SapientNitro as the Digital Agency of Record. Note-all assets, motion and effects were created in CGI as no physical prototypes or creative/digital assets even existed when this work was conceptualized, produced and delivered. One of many Houidini moments with this client engagement.

  • Life’s Getaway Car: The challenge was to create an entertaining way to configure your favorite Dodge. The solution was to create a story based, game driven, vehicle configurator that challenged users to complete obstacles in order to earn the privilege of configuring their Dodge. In the plot our users are challenged to out run “Life” a speed sucking shape shifter determined to put a stop to you living in full throttle.

  • Ready for Anything: The sport utility strategy led by the Durango line of hand raisers and brand loyalists that are DOERS and ready for anything!

  • GPS Print Ads: The idea was to create GPS print ads whose coordinates are dynamically printed. The ads served as a campaign awareness tool but also as a call to action for Doers. If their curiosity kicked in as to where the coordinates lead to, they lead to a local dealer.

  • GPS Banners: The idea was to get Doers talking and tease them with an active lifestyle mantra by introducing them to their new ownable language of GPS via banner ads.

  • GPS Banners V2: Another GPS banner execution example.

  • Ready For Anything Banner: The same conceptual story as the GPS banners minus the GPS messaging built specifically for testing purposes.

  • Doers Command Center: The idea was to keep our landing page deceivingly simple. The site served a useful purpose that pushed & pulled content which helped Doers plan an adventure. By partnering with google maps Doers had a plethora of Dodge approved adventures, activities, and destinations to choose from. We gave doers tools that allowed them to create adventure wish lists, research information and directions to adventures from their IP address or GPS coordinates, access to other Doer recommendations, and tools to build the ultimate utility vehicle that’s Ready For Anything. The all new 2011 Durango.

  • Doers “To Do List” DM: The idea was to create a DM that opened up to a map of adventures – our version of a “To Do List”. Once opened, the DM features a nifty Durango poster on the front, a Doers manifesto and pre-approved spots on the back, so they could begin making their plan of action.

  • Do Now Billboards: The idea was to create localized billboards that pointed Doers to unique points of interest around their town like concerts, great climbing spots, secret surf spots, or hidden adventures.

  • Doers Test Drive: Rethink the test drive. When you jump into a Durango you’ll be greeted by a friendly unusual GPS navigation voice. As the drivers leaves the dealership, the GPS voice will lead them through a scenic or interesting route in the city/town. It will also narrate the route and explains how the Durango is Ready For Anything.

  • Special Events-Super Bowl: The greatest (and biggest) single sporting event in North America is a showcase for the advertising industry especially for those agencies that represent brands like Dodge whose traget audience is a mirror image of the protypical America football fan so GAME ON!!!

  • Teaser Banner V1: Online banners that teased Doers about what’s to come.

  • Teaser Banner V2: Online banners that teased Doers about what’s to come.

  • Teaser Landing Page: The landing page featured an intro video that left the user in suspense as to what’s coming with a payoff that said “Rewards wait for those who do.”. We then morphed the site into a superbowl countdown clock and a form that collected their info to remind them of our event.

  • During Game TV Spot: Here’s an example of 30 second spots that gave away the 10 locations where free Durangos laid wait for a lucky Doer to claim.

  • Landing Page Phase 2: As each spot airs during the big game, the coordinates and live feeds appear on the landing page. The idea was to capture the moment when a person finds a Durango.

  • Teaser Banners: Examples of banners teasing the numbers of Durangos left.

  • Landing Page Phase 3: The site becomes a running tab of the Durango’s that have and haven’t been discovered.

  • The Ultimate Utility Vehicle Configurator: Consider it Dodge’s version of a Frankenstein maker. Only your creating one monster SUV, the 2011 Durango. The site would feature dynamic backgrounds, and an ultimate slider configerator where users can dail up or down performance or utility. The results would pair users with the perfect Durango trim based on their selections.

  • The Full Deck in Review: Note-there are three sections-see footer to click from 1 to 2 to 3.

  • Product Placement: Head of the Global Integrated Production Team that orchestrated a product placement deal between Snoop Dogg and Dodge featuring the all new 2011 Durango Citadel model for Dr. Dre’s Kush music video. See the post I published earlier for more details about the technology, techniques and inspiration behind the production of this video.

  • Durango 360 Fly-Through Animation [SPOOF]: It’s important to have a little fun in the midst of all the serious mayhem and this is my version of “whistle while you work!” It’s an animation with an in-character voiceover of a hillbilly by one of my Art Director/Copywriter colleagues Doug Tracy that in my opinion is not only exactly on point regarding the target demo but a brilliantly hilarious parody. Hope you like it-the client did but could not push it live for obvious reasons :-).

  • Durango 360 Fly-Through Animation [REAL]: Dodge Durango-“The Ultimate Utlity Vehicle.” 360 and fly-through animation for the all new 2011 Dodge Durango with VO, music and CG supers and graphics as a collaborative effort between internal SapientNitro 3D team and third-party resource-Speedshape.

  • Dodge Charger SRT8 Animation : A little something we put together for an online teaser in record time for a desperate and demanding client (what else is new-right?) before any digital assets or source files were available-not even any 3D wire frames, models or CAD drawings from Dodge engineers. Fortunate to work with some great Digital F/X Directors like Alain Lores and Marlon Munoz who are used to doing the impossible.

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