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Formerly known as ACP Jets, a niche brand supported almost entirely by reputation and word-of-mouth, FRANK. was chosen as the Agency of Record to reposition the brand and elevate their identity, awareness, perception and reputation from a regional player to a global leader in the private jet charter industry.

FRANK. provided a comprehensive end-to-end 360 client engagement model and integrated marketing solution that included a new identity, visual language and brand message (see new logo and tagline: Injet-Go Fly), design of all collateral and marketing materials, strategy, advertising (traditional, digital | online, alternative, social and mobile) and media planning and buying.

In addition, FRANK. was also contracted to concept, create and develop innovative sales tools and tactics in the form of new products, services and programs to support all marketing activities and objectives green-lighted by Executive management. Three such examples follow below and include the Injet InDrive, Injet One and Injet25.

  • Injet InDrive – A VIP “Smart Card”. Your Jet Card isn’t just a debit card, but rather a tangible purchase of flight hours that maximizes the ROI on your Private Jet Travel. As an InJet member, you can yield more hours than purchased with our Round Trip Efficiency Bonus and rest assured that your funds are safe in an FDIC insured account through TD Bank.

  • Injet25 Program – Introducing the best value in private jet travel. An Innovative business and personal travel tool that provides a tangible ROI, without the cost of fractional jet ownership. It’s smarter, safer, CFO approved, and all your funds are FDIC Insured.
    Occupied hourly rates, point to point pricing and flexible choice of aircraft. Guaranteed availability 365 days a year. 25 Hours at a time. InJet 25 provides you with the flexibility to purchase various sized hourly blocks which can be used interchangeably across 5 aircraft categories, with 365 day availability and no black out periods.

  • InjetOne Program – A no-strings-attached, pay-as-you-go option for your on-demand jet charter needs. You can access the Injet network of charter aircraft – one flight at a time – with one phone call or one touch of a button – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Executives at ACP Jets said they chose FRANK. mainly for their proposed fully integrated, end-to-end communications solution backed by their demonstrated expertise, creative versatility, proven media buying efficiency, industry knowledge, award-winning team and acclaimed leadership (See Pitch Presentation that won the account here)

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