No Glass Ceiling in this Minority Report

The near future of advertising is presented with crystal clear clarity by the visionary minds at Corning (you know-the “glass” peeps). Seemingly borrowing some inspiration from the feature film Minority Report, there is definitely no glass ceiling in this version.

Albeit impressive, it’s not so much the innovative products that Corning is promoting that grabbed my immediate attention but the application of the technologies that will use this state-of-the-art hardware to deliver integrated digital messaging at a completely new sensory level demonstrating just how effectively we will be able to communicate with brands (and each other for that matter) in the very near future. Minority Report was set in 2054, Corning is thinking 2020 (no pun intended). Check it out.

1:1 individual consumer profiling, RFID tagging, geo-targeting, augmented reality are all in the present tense and we are improving, perfecting and extending these progressive tools through innovative tactics, improved hardware, software and infrastructure as we speak. Then there is the subject of content development and the delivery of the infinite amount of creative juice required to meet the insatiable demand of a visually stimulated and entertainment focused consumer. Job security for all of us in the biz for sure but a daunting challenge nonetheless especially when it all has to be compelling, relevant and constantly refreshed. A good problem to have in retrospect.

The future of advertising is in one word about “mobility” and this video production is a great snapshot of a day in the life of a family of consumers on the go and in the moment leveraging the application of various technologies to communicate in a real time dialogue (two-way conversation) with brands about their respective products and services. I applaud Corning for taking the initiative to distill some big picture thinking into bite size thoughts, ideas and tangible concepts that are both feasible and value-added and then most importantly taking action. Vision without execution is…well…nothing but a dream.

If I were a betting man, I would be moving all my chips over to supporting mobile marketing initiatives; content development, technologies and applications. It’s the ideal delivery device and medium for the 21st century consumer that will become the future of not only advertising, marketing and communications as a whole but also commerce in general. Imagine a single device that runs your entire life-literally. That’s a pretty big deal and a dream come true.

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